Yes. My life in a shredder. I recently decided to do my own paperwork simpli – fication act. I’ve spent bits of days shredding stuff. I found it to be quite enlightening. After the first couple of cycles I happened to look into the shredded paper compartment and discovered a good picture a day subject. […]

Not Top Gear. Not even close. These are just a few watch gears that were left over from a time about 50 years ago when my dad thought that he wanted to study watch repair. I found them as part of a general deep cleaning and decided to photograph them for my PAD project. This […]

More found art which is similar to yesterday’s post. I made this picture and the other two images in the small train terminus in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I hesitate to call it a train yard because I think it has has two tracks. Not much of a yard. This was never much of a […]

I thought that I should post something Christmas-like. So, here it is. Santa on the tree. A little camera shake, a little post production and there you have it. A pretty much forgettable picture. At least it’s fresh unlike a lot of the images I post here. I made this one on Christmas Eve, 2010. […]

There is something about doors that draws me to photograph them. Perhaps, it’s just wondering what’s behind them. Perhaps, it’s about potential and options. Or, perhaps I’m just a little criminal and I want to break in. However, since I never really want anything that isn’t mine, I’d probably break in just to see what’s […]