Again, the return to red. This time in the form of a very red leaf. In order for this color to appear or even the very bright yellows and oranges, you need a cold snap and then the temperature can return to normal for early Fall. The cold snap with sub-freezing weather causes the sap and the sugar in the sap to freeze which forces more color into the dying leaves. In order to shoot for good rich color, it helps to back light the scene.


I found this very primitive painting of a Kokopelli on the side of a building. A bit of history and myth. He is playing a flute and is about 3,000 years old. He is a prankster, fertility god, healer and storyteller. One of the main myths is that he travels from village to village changing winter into spring. If he plays his flute as he passes through a village every maiden in the village is now carrying a child.

In Zuni language, he is Ololowishkya.

When I found this painting, he was bright red and a pinkish-red wall. So… more red.