No, no, no… not the last red picture. The last fall picture. Too bad, if you are getting bored with red. I’ve got a lot more red to go mostly because, like just about everyone else, my eye is drawn to red. There is not much more to say about this image except to say […]

It never occurred to me in the past because I always thought of Ivy as being one of those perennial plants that is always green. But, low and behold, here is an image of Ivy that changed with the fall. I like the repeated shapes that are not in any real pattern. I think that first the color caught […]

Cherries. Bright red. Juicy and a little bit tart. I wasn’t quite sure what to write and since I view these posts as a learning exercise on my part I googled it. Cherries are a stone fruit, which is part of the genus, Prunus. Other Prunus fruits are; plums, apricots and peaches. While the word […]

I was bored one night so I started exper – imenting with a Canon G9 just to see how close I could work with its macro function. I made a picture of a burning candle. Of course, it’s red. With this composition it is very reminiscent of a rose petal photographed from the same perspective.

The red march through November continues. We have at least ten more days of this. I decided editing one picture at a time was sort of a waste of time, so I selected ten pictures, reworked them a little and have them ready to go. This is an image taken from the side of a […]

I have a friend of mine who says, “I’ve been to a lot of places” with obvious pride in his voice. Meanwhile, I think that I’ve been to way too many places with no pride in my voice. Editing these red pictures from my files illustrates that. Yesterday’s image was made in Reno, Nevada. Today’s […]

As I was driving down Virginia Street near The Biggest Little City sign in Reno, Nevada, a completely restored ’57 Chevy passed me by… on a flat bed tow truck. I have no idea if the car had broken down or if it was just being transported since many car guys who go to certain […]

More red. I’ve decided to work my files and take this red thing as far as possible. If you get bored let me know. I’ll listen. This is a short post. I have things to do to day since it’s my birthday. These are very early summer tomatoes that should illustrate just how far I’ll […]