Beijing Morning

If you wander around Beijing’s parks and quiet spaces in the morning you will find plenty of people doing their morning exercises. Most are doing a form of Tai Chi Chuan which translates to, “the ultimate.” According to the experts it involves three aspects of the human body, health, meditation and martial arts. Most ofContinue reading “Beijing Morning”

Forbidden City

After walking what turns out to be two miles if you just walk straight through the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, you wall out of a small door. If you turn around, you’ll see a huge and tall wall with benches running along the base. This is it. People sit there and rest for eitherContinue reading “Forbidden City”

A Sweet Moment

This image reflects one of the sweetest moments I found in Beijing. While I was walking through the Forbidden City, I happen to see a large hill behind the city. It was large in relationship to the area because that part of the city is very flat. The place I “found” is Jing Shan Park,Continue reading “A Sweet Moment”

Wangfujing Dajie

Spell check is going crazy. I guess that it can’t correct Pinyin, which are Western letters used to transliterate Chinese characters. This picture was made on a walking street near Wangfujing Dajie and across from the world’s largest shopping mall. How large? It stretches the length of two subway stops, so it’s length is closeContinue reading “Wangfujing Dajie”

Everybody is a Photographer

That’s what we say, anyway. Everybody is a photographer. In this case, a PLA soldier — that’s People’s Liberation Army – takes my picture as I take his picture. The PLA is the formal name for what China calls their army. I doubt that he was doing any surveillance since he was with his family andContinue reading “Everybody is a Photographer”

Hey Mister

Hey Mister. Do you want to buy a pippa? A few years ago I was shooting a Lonely Planet book in Beijing, China when I stumbled upon this guy selling cheap, Chinese musical instruments. Even though I wasn’t interested in the instrument, he did agree to show me his wares so I could photograph himContinue reading “Hey Mister”

Tai Tai

Although she is shopping at the Ladies Market in Mong Kok, this woman is a classic example of what the Cantonese word tai tai has evolved into. Its root meaning is simply “MRS.” But, today, it means something like “blue haired, wealthy woman who over dresses and usually rides in a car driven by aContinue reading “Tai Tai”

The Peak

This is a place for one of the best views of Hong Kong. This is from a coffee shop located on The Peak in one of two shopping areas. The coffee shop is Pacific Coffee which was the forerunner of Starbucks in Hong Kong. There are Pacific Coffee shops in many locations including all theContinue reading “The Peak”

Everyday Life

I‘ve been casting about, looking for a title of a book I want to do via Blurb on the Chinese neighbor – hoods in Hong Kong. Given that Hong Kong Island and Kowloon are composed of 98% Chinese people, every neighborhood is Chinese. But, some are more old school than others. The idea for theContinue reading “Everyday Life”

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