Budville barely exists today. It sits on the edge of Indian land in central New Mexico. Obviously, you can easily see from the gas pump in the right side of the frame, when this gas station thrived. It’s a ghost of a different type then I’ve been discussing in my last few posts. It’s located […]

As I looked for ghost images I realized that there are more kinds of ghosts then just those that are painted over or faded. In this case, not only is there ghost signage, but there is a ghost telephone number. A portion of it is painted over, but it looks like an phone exchange with […]

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about the things that have passed before us. One thing that has always interested me is what “urban explorers” call ghost signs. Generally, in an urban setting you find advertisements painted on the sides of buildings that have either been partially painted over or faded, or both. In the country, […]

Neil Young once wrote, “numbers add up to nothing.” Sometimes I have to wonder. We live in the age of complex and complicated data. We live in the age of data matrix and analysis. Even statistics as we learned about them in colleges seem a bit simplistic. We have commercials from State Farm Insurance that […]

I was working on cleaning up this flower image so that it too would be something delicate like yesterday’s image, when I hit the auto curves button and the background turned blue rather then the expected white. But, a more interesting result was that the background was also very mottled with light brown areas. It […]

Some of the vendors who sell food and drink are sponsored by much bigger companies. This is a beverage trailer. Just guess who sponsors them. Very little post production done to this image. It’s warmth and glow comes from the real deal… dusky sunlight.