Street Food

Let’s start today with a simple Fried Spring Roll as found on almost every Bangkok street corner. Freshly made and cooked  they. are tasty as well as inexpensive. In this image, the Spring Rolls are shown garnished with Basil. As for technical steps. This image is a mish-mash of plug ins. After correcting the imageContinue reading “Street Food”


Once upon a time, almost every stock agency editor wanted pictures of Asian eating utensils like chopsticks. So, I photographed them throughout my travels. Eventually, they got tired of seeing them. But, they always sold as little detail shots. Or, point pictures, as they are sometimes called. So, I continued to photograph them. This leadContinue reading “Chopsticks”

Something Different

For the past few posts I’ve been focusing (no pun intended) on images that I made in Australia. Since this is “Exper – imental Sunday,” I thought that I might try something different. Here’s the back story. One of my editors sent me an email looking for an image of an Asian woman — anyContinue reading “Something Different”


These images are still from Melbourne Australia. They were made at the Flinders Street Station. In many ways they are a throwback to the way I worked for a few years. In those days almost every picture that I made had movement in them. All were photographed that way intentionally. I was after speed, motion,Continue reading “Movement”

Australian Commuters

This may sound odd, but I actually forgot to post yesterday. Normally I post in the morning. But, morning was a little crazy so I never got to it. So, I thought that today I would post a couple of images. Australia has a substantial network of trains. Some are mostly commuter trains which bringContinue reading “Australian Commuters”

French Fries, er, Chips

I was surprised when I ordered a meal at what looked like a very nice outdoor cafe in one of Melbourne’s beach communities, to have this delivered to me ahead of the entree. No, the French Fries aren’t quite as big as they appear, but they are very large, freshly prepared and very tasty. ThisContinue reading “French Fries, er, Chips”

A Rainy Night

This is dusk on the Yarra River in Melbourne Australia. As much as we tend to think of Oz as a rough and ready place as portrayed by the Outback and maybe Alice Springs, many of the cities are urban, forward thinking and quite pretty. In fact, this city is home to some things thatContinue reading “A Rainy Night”


During my relatively short time in Melbourne, I learned very quickly that Melbourne is a city of contrasts and repurposing. Old, but well kept Victorian buildings live happily side-by-side with some of the most modern buildings in the Asia-Pacific region. Most importantly, green space is valued and there are many forms of mass transportation rangingContinue reading “Contrasts”


This image was made in what I’d call downtown Melbourne, Australia, although I’m sure there is another name for the area. It was made during America’s summer which means their winter, which is why the trees are dead. Yes. I played with it a bit using various plug-ins which include Topaz, OnOne and D65. TheirContinue reading “Melbourne”

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