When you drive into City Center there is a long round about that allows you to stop at any of four different buildings. At the end of it there is a place where you can take a leisurely stroll or wait for your ride. This is it. This photograph was made at night. The water […]

As I wrote on my last post, City Center in Las Vegas, Nevada is quite amazing. This window is part of the front facing panel that is right on The Strip. It reflects The Strip by night and by day. It was designed to do that. I’ll post more as the week wears on.

The assignment was Las Vegas architecture. But, what the hell does that mean? Most of the biggest buildings are casinos and hotels that are a little cartoonish to my mind. Even the best and newest are so over done that they seem to be trading on bad taste. But, then I went to City Center. […]

Las Vegas. Venetian Hotel. A Chinese tour guide leads his charges up the ramp over a canal of Venice in the extremely hot late afternoon sun. How hot? 118 degrees. That’s hot. I’ve photographed this location in the past. I’ve left it monochromatic, as I originally saw it, and I’ve also brought out the hidden […]

This image is from a slightly older collection of pictures that I made in Thailand. This young woman is shopping in what amounts to a wet market in the old Chinese section of Bangkok, called Yarowat. It is home to one of the oldest Chinese trading and distribution centers in the country. Although it is […]

I‘ve been doing a lot of reading about photography lately. One would think that after 35 years or so, I’d be done with reading about it. But, no. The more that I learn, the less that I know. I read a blog with an interview by photographer and fellow curmudgeon, Stanley Green. He was talking […]

It’s been a few days… I was roaming around and became a little distracted from the normal daily tasks. I went to a number of places. The hottest was 118 degrees. The coolest was 59 degrees. I’ll post a few from my short travels in a few days.

Hot, fresh, just out of the cooking oil — spring rolls. Served on the banks of a river, almost like street food. In The United States, we get nervous when we see street food or even a lunch truck. In the rest of the world, not so much. In Thailand, the food is cooked in […]

Lascar Row or Cat Alley is an alley that connects Sheung Wan to Central. It is lined with antique shops, craft stands and all manner of artistic “things.” Some is junk. Some is art. Much are just knock offs. Lascar Row was, at one time, a place where Indian sailors lived when they were not […]