Mountain Street is an East – West Street that passes through the numbered streets from Rio Grande pretty much to the Sandias, after making some twists and turns.

There are plenty of interesting older buildings from Mountain to about 4th or 5th Street. There is even a little art community springing up towards I-40 in what used to be an industrial area.
This building is for rent. It’s obvious what kind of business it housed just a little while back.

Even though I traipse around near and far making pictures, sometimes I just look around Albu – querque, “Burque” or the “Q” as it sometimes called. Oh, I forgot Duke City, and probably some other names that I haven’t thought of.

This is The Golden Crown Panaderia. It is a little legendary in the Old Town – Downtown areas of the city. Panaderias are typically pretty good little neighborhood bakeries. This one goes a little beyond that making great sandwiches and pizza.

Time flies when you’re having fun. I thought I’d close this little group of pictures the way that I started. With a portrait of Archie. Note that long silver braid working its way down his shoulder. As I described him to a friend of mine, he’s a Willie Nelson sort of dude. Except Willie just cut his hair this week.

Mean looking thing, isn’t it? Somehow, I cannot imagine this being on my bumper as I cruised along Route 66. It’s yet another old truck resting in Archie’s junkyard for which I really don’t know the proper history. In this case, it sits very close to I-40 so it is intended to be a roadside attraction. or a form of free advertising. Yeah. Put this on a social networking site and nobody will friend you.

Well, I like pictures of details. And, Archie’s junkyard has plenty of them. This is just one. Lot’s of peeling and fading paint revealing more peeling and fading paint. The colors are very much like old Southern Pacific Sunset Limited livery which I always liked. This image looks like I did a lot to it in post production. I didn’t. I just exposed for very bright sun, since I wasn’t working during optimum lighting conditions.

As I wandered through Archie’s junkyard and looked at all the shot out glass wind – shields, head – lights and mirrors, a thought occurred to me. The thing that New Mexicans really like to do is go out to the desert and shoot things; mostly old parked and abandoned cars and signs.

I selected this picture mostly because of its colorful bokeh. But, it really doesn’t tell the story of shot up cars. I photographed on old truck windshield, that must have been hit at least 20 times by somebody shooting a small caliber weapon. It looked like something left over from the Bonnie and Clyde days.

Before I write about Archie’s junkyard, I must make a clarification about what I wrote yesterday about Crossley cars. Crossley did make a car in England. But, they stopped making them before World War II. When they resumed production, they made only buses. However, there is a company called Crosley based in Cincinnati (The owner of the company also owned the baseball team – The Reds who played at Crosley Field. Doh!), which did make the cars that Archie has in his junkyard. They were tiny, even by sub-compact standards. However, they got 50 miles per gallon. 75,000 of them were made. And, those B24 bomb bay door motors? Also wrong. They did, however, use them same basic metal formula as were used in B17 motors.

Today? Crosley is still in operation. They make washing machines.
This photograph could be called, “Miles of Piles.” This image shows the left over parts after a car has been parted out and taken apart. Most of this stuff is from left over early 1900 through 1920 cars. I’d like to think this stuff could be used to rebuild another car, but most of it just lies rusting away in one of the furthest fields from the main building.

This is Archie. He’s a true old time New Mexican. He can tell stories about the small town of Vaughn in the 1930s. He can tell you about the building of a weapons testing site that became known as The Trinity Site where the atomic bomb was developed and tested. He can tell you about captured German V-2 rockets thundering through the New Mexican skies as the United States raced to develop some kind of rocket to the stars. But, that all happened in his youth.

Now he owns a piece of land in Moriarty, New Mexico, which he bought after he moved from Albuquerque. His main structure houses the most amazing collection of classic and antique cars this side of Harrah’s old collection. Most are in excellent original condition. Only a few have been restored. Then there is his collection of antique toys. All I can say is whew…
Surrounding this building is what looks like a junkyard. But, what a junkyard. I don’t think there is a hulk newer then the mid-1960s. There are probably hundreds of Model T and A bodies lying around. There is even a collection of the UK’s post-World War II Crossleys lying in a row. These cars are powered by the very motor that powered the B24 Liberator’s bomb bay doors.
The list goes on, and on, and on…
You’ll see more pictures as the weeks goes on, and on, and on…