Before I entered the old trading post, I wanted to try to make a more complete portrait of what was there so I worked the outside of the building as well as the inside. I’ve always thought that shooting through windows had some kind of special symbolism, but I’m not exactly sure what it is. […]

No. This is not part of church series. This church is directly across the railroad tracks from the Tewa trading post. It is abandoned. But, it is on private land so I asked first. Here’s an interesting point about Tewa. The actual pueblo is called Santo Domingo. But, that’s not the American Indian name. Tewa […]

When I entered the trading post, I learned two things. One, the fire was extensive and crippling. Two, there was a home attached to the post. The home was still repairable, but it would take some heavy renovation. Of course taggers had gotten inside and added their, er, art. On the other hand, the building […]

A couple of days ago I wrote about securing permission to photograph and then photo – graphing the old, burnt and abandoned trading post at Tewa, New Mexico. I photographed a lot, almost 12 gigs worth of pictures. I imagine I’ll post a number of images from that take. In many ways, I was like […]

Dusk started to fall on the car shoot, so I asked the owner to turn the headlights on. That made a much better picture. But, unfortunately camera’s light meter thought that it should mostly expose for the headlights when I was using a long lens. That created a nice, deep rich background. But, if I […]

I had a lot to photograph this week. One assignment called for a happy person, couple or group tooling along through New Mexico on an open road enjoying themselves. A friend of mine owns a pristine restored 1957 Thunderbird. The one with two tops. The one with a removable hard top. The one with the […]

I went to a Indian pueblo called Santa Domingo, which is starting to reclaim its Indian name of Tewa. In fact, even the commuter rail line, The Rail Runner, has already named its stop there, Tewa. I checked in at the pueblo governor’s office and asked if I could photograph a specific site which was […]

I was asked to photograph fresh straw – berries for a client. There are plenty of them around in grocery stores, but they aren’t local. Does that really matter if my intent was to photograph them? Yes. The fruit, itself, is fine. But, the green leaves — which create sort of a contrasting highlight — […]