Many of the images in this latest collections of details are simply signs and painted walls that have been faded, chipped, painted over and washed away by age. In a way this is the natural form of pentimento in which the artist is said to repent and paint over a portion or all of his original work.

Another image from my details series. Anyone who has been around older trains can probably recognize this type face as belonging to a class of Santa Fe Rail Road passenger cars known as steel sided. The word watch is actually part of a longer phrase which is “Watch Your Step.” It is painted on the top stair of the steps that lead into the car. This one is original. It shows a little wear, but it isn’t too bad.

I‘ve been working on a details “fine art” project for one of my agencies. I took the Railrunner to Santa Fe last Friday. I only stayed in town for about four hours. But, that was long enough to complete the shoot and eat a good lunch at the Zia Cafe. I made most of my pictures around the refurbished rail yard district which, to me, looks like a model railroad that is just too perfect. In fact the only trains that run through the yard are the Railrunner — the south-north commuter train — and a fan train. But there are old train cars waiting to be restored parked along some of the sidings. Some of these cars have Los Angeles-styled graffiti, which is what is shown in this image.

When I shoot this material, I try to think of the image as being huge. Can you imagine this picture being about 60 x 40, printed on a gallery wrap and being hung in a very contemporary home. I can.

As I wrote yesterday, I like coffee. I also like the “stuff” of coffee. The cups, the grinders, the various makers and brewers. All of it. This particular cup came from a little store in Paris. France. Not Texas. The crema — the foam — is a little weak, but it makes a nice picture. The grill-like background is the drain area from an espresso machine. The colors are just reflected light… nothing fancy or manipulated.

That’s the opening line of a Bob Dylan song. But, for the life of me, I can’t remember which one. I’ve always enjoyed trying to capture the steamy look of a very fresh cup of coffee. There are various lighting approaches, but this image was made but using a slow shutter speed and a macro lens which I allowed to get a little foggy by virtue of its closeness to the cup and the coffee’s natural heat and steam. No. I did not add the orange rim to the bubbles.

Yes. Another day. Another winter storm. A friend of mine says that the way things are going we’ll be having winter storms in July and August. I’d like to see that. 90 degrees one day. 30 degrees the next. My sinuses will never recover. I’ll singly support the allergy, sinus, cold care industry. As they say, “Too hip, Gotta bolt.”

the heading of bloody hell. After two nice days of spring-like weather and 60 degree temp – eratures, we have a new winter storm warning. The temp – eratures will drop 30 degrees, we’ll get snow that won’t accumulate on pavement and a lot of rain. Enough.

Even with our first day of Spring snow, we are now starting to warm up just a little bit. There are the first blooms and little buds here and there. Some are actually starting to flower a bit. I’d like to say that it is safe to assume that winter is over, but this — being an El Nino year — you just never know.