It appears that Mother Nature has us on the run. I never believed in natural paybacks. But, with all the hot air blowing from Wash – ington these days, it wouldn’t surprise me if those blowhards caused all the extreme natural phenomena of the past two months. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Floods. Heavy Snow Storms. Mud Slides.Continue reading “Nature”

A Big Day

Today marks an anniversary of sorts and a a big change. First, the anniversary. This is my 300th blog post. In baseball, 300 is a big deal. If your batting average is .300, it means you are a pretty good hitter. It also means you reached base by hitting a baseball none out of threeContinue reading “A Big Day”

Now for a Commercial Break

Now for a little bit of news. I learned yesterday that three of my “urban view” images had been selected by The Wooden Cow Gallery for inclusion in their May show, which is about — you guessed it — urban views. I’m humbled to show these images there because the gallery is very highly thoughtContinue reading “Now for a Commercial Break”


This is another example of my details as art project. Being a Lost fan, I believe this means something. Let’s see; 5 + 6 + 2 adds up to 13. 13 is bad luck in some cultures. Oooooh scary. Actually, the number is question is painted on an old railroad boxcar that is found inContinue reading “562”

More Project Art

I mentioned yesterday that I was working on a project that was basically about making pictures that turned something very common into art. Aside from having to actually find these things, there is another problem. Often, when I made the original picture, it was for my Picture A Day project. I mostly used a CanonContinue reading “More Project Art”

Latest Project

One of my agencies licenses an art line. Their main marketing push is toward institutional use; like banks, hotels, and restaurants. They are Hawaii-based and have carved out a very nice niche in Pacific Rim stock imagery. But, producing com – mercial fine art is a little tougher. That’s one their issues. My issue isContinue reading “Latest Project”


I posted about New Orleans Friday food yester – day. I started thinking about similarities in foods among the places I truly enjoy visiting or living. New Orleans, New Mexico, Thailand, China — every one of them has one thing in common. Much of their traditionally cultural foods are spicy. Some places called their spicesContinue reading “Commonalities”

Friday Food

I’ve been emailing and Face – booking with a couple of New Orleans friends which reminded me that I had a request for “real” New Orleans food earlier this week. One of the pictures that I submitted was this one. Fried Friday Food — Fried Shrimp, French Fries, French Bread and Cole Slaw. A realContinue reading “Friday Food”

Not Quite Spring

No. It’s not quite spring. In fact, according to the calender the first day of planting comes on 15 April, when people in Albuquerque believe there is no chance of a late season frost. It’s also income tax day, which means that there is plenty of chance of some other kind of frost. However, evenContinue reading “Not Quite Spring”

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