It appears that Mother Nature has us on the run. I never believed in natural paybacks. But, with all the hot air blowing from Wash – ington these days, it wouldn’t surprise me if those blowhards caused all the extreme natural phenomena of the past two months. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Floods. Heavy Snow Storms. Mud Slides. […]

Today marks an anniversary of sorts and a a big change. First, the anniversary. This is my 300th blog post. In baseball, 300 is a big deal. If your batting average is .300, it means you are a pretty good hitter. It also means you reached base by hitting a baseball none out of three […]

Now for a little bit of news. I learned yesterday that three of my “urban view” images had been selected by The Wooden Cow Gallery for inclusion in their May show, which is about — you guessed it — urban views. I’m humbled to show these images there because the gallery is very highly thought […]

This is another example of my details as art project. Being a Lost fan, I believe this means something. Let’s see; 5 + 6 + 2 adds up to 13. 13 is bad luck in some cultures. Oooooh scary. Actually, the number is question is painted on an old railroad boxcar that is found in […]

I mentioned yesterday that I was working on a project that was basically about making pictures that turned something very common into art. Aside from having to actually find these things, there is another problem. Often, when I made the original picture, it was for my Picture A Day project. I mostly used a Canon […]

One of my agencies licenses an art line. Their main marketing push is toward institutional use; like banks, hotels, and restaurants. They are Hawaii-based and have carved out a very nice niche in Pacific Rim stock imagery. But, producing com – mercial fine art is a little tougher. That’s one their issues. My issue is […]

I posted about New Orleans Friday food yester – day. I started thinking about similarities in foods among the places I truly enjoy visiting or living. New Orleans, New Mexico, Thailand, China — every one of them has one thing in common. Much of their traditionally cultural foods are spicy. Some places called their spices […]

I’ve been emailing and Face – booking with a couple of New Orleans friends which reminded me that I had a request for “real” New Orleans food earlier this week. One of the pictures that I submitted was this one. Fried Friday Food — Fried Shrimp, French Fries, French Bread and Cole Slaw. A real […]

No. It’s not quite spring. In fact, according to the calender the first day of planting comes on 15 April, when people in Albuquerque believe there is no chance of a late season frost. It’s also income tax day, which means that there is plenty of chance of some other kind of frost. However, even […]