Finally, a little winter sun poked though the clouds. I realize that I’m reaching a little with this image, but I was making other more content-oriented pictures and turned around and happened to the see the sun. We are getting a bit of a break from severe winter weather. The weather folks are predicting another winter storm later next week. We’ll see. For now, it is bright, clear and cold. In fact, the temperatures are a little lower then normal in this part of New Mexico.

Most of the roads in Northern New Mexico are either impassable or very slick and snow-packed. In fact, I-40 from Moriarity — about 30 miles east of Albuquerque — to the Texas border is closed. It is still snowing in Santa Fe. The skies are lead gray, so even though I really need some “winter wonderland” pictures, I don’t think that today is the day. So, I’ll revisit some older pictures like this somewhat nasty version of a Santa Fe blue door.

The weather people were off by about a day. But, the snow is falling. The ice will accu – mulate on the roads. Then it will warm slightly, the snow will start to melt and then by tonight the temperatures will plummet. By Friday morning, the roads will be just wonderful — like an ice skating rink. Yep. That’s Northern New Mexico weather.

I’m a visual storyteller. I’ve been making pictures for some 35 years. I thought this might be a nice time to share the stories behind the pictures with the rest of the world. Some of my tales might be technical in nature. Others might be a historical or little bits of information about the place, the person or the object. Most of the images that I show you have already been posted on Flickr. You can also go there to see my photo stream, or to my website which is

I’ll start with this image. For the most part, I’m a travel and location photographer. Often, I’m lucky enough to take long road trips. On this trip I left Reno, Nevada, early in the morning, and headed south to Carson City and caught Highway 50 just east of the city. It was raining. It was cold. And, I was photographing through the windshield of my car with one hand and steering with the other hand. This is not a great thing to do. But, well, a picture is a picture. Usually, I stop.

An early morning view of Highway 50, often called the loneliest road in America

New Mexico is getting ready to have our fifth winter storm in ten days. This is the same storm system that has been dumping gallons of water on California. By the time it arrives in New Mexico, the air turns colder and the rain turns to snow and ice. Fortunately, in Albuquerque, it all melts pretty quickly. But, if you travel just 50 miles to the north, you arrive in Santa Fe where the people are already really tired of the snow on the ground. It’s probably a good thing they don’t live in some place like Wisconsin.

This image was made in Old Town, just a few blocks from the plaza, the church and in walking distance to the gallery.

Winter. A lot of cloud move – ment, a few storms, a lot of cold and a little wind. Perhaps the best time to photo – graph New Mexico is during the winter. While there is plenty of wonderful clear light and early more and later afternoon gold, there are also interesting and changing skies. There are also plenty of point-counterpoint subjects that can highlight the smallness of man as opposed to the hugeness of nature.

There is an old story about a senior Buddhist monk and a a young man studying to become a monk. The young monk had porridge for breakfast. When he finished he said to the old monk, “father, I have finished my porridge.” The senior monk replied, “well, you’d better go wash your bowl.”

There you have it.
One foot in front of the other until your tasks are complete. If they are ever complete.
That is just like these monks robes hanging on a clothes line. Someone wore them. Someone got them dirty. Someone washed them. Now they are drying.

No. Not Jedi. Chedi. It is the Thai word for stupa. Yeah, yeah. I know. That’s not much help. It is a burial site that points skyward. It contains the remains of either Buddha or a Buddhist saint. This particular chedi is located on the grounds of Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand. It is one of the heritage sites as well as a Thai national landmark. Wat Pho, itself is really know for the Temple of The Reclining Buddha.