Again. I had another sort of disheartening talk with two older gentlemen today. I decided that before I worked myself into a full blown funk, I’d better do something nice. So, I decided to make a pretty picture. My gallery, Albuquerque Photographer’s Gallery hangs a small show every month in addition to our regular work. […]

Standin` by a snow drift in the pale moonlightHitchhikin` west on a highway at nightTryin` to get to Frisco lookin` for my girlHere comes a trucker, hope he don`t mind my long curlsI remember years ago hitchin` this same roadNever saw a trucker leave a man out in the coldNo riders sign on the window […]

The TSA rules changed… again. Rather then go through them one by one, it’s really much easier to say that you might or you might not, you can or maybe you can’t. Lines will be long or maybe very long. Or short. People, including babies will be hand searched. Or not. You can move about […]

For now. With the events over this Christmas weekend, and the stories in The New York Times about just how hard it is to travel by air right now, I’m going to wait until the smoke clears before I get on an airplane again. I have no problem checking baggage. Actually, it’s very freeing. But, […]

Christmas in New Mexico is a more spiritual thing then it is in many places. Yes, New Mexicans suffer through the typical shopping sprees and gift giving guilt. But,they also take time to attend to more meaningful pursuits. This picture was made at the church in Old Town. These are wooden crosses that supposedly contain […]

When I roamed around Old Town during the lighting of the luminarias, I came to a small plaza with a well and am old bucket. According to the shopkeepers, this is the original well in Old Town, which makes it one of the first wells in Albuquerque. The bucket looks very nicely lighted with all […]

In Old Town, Albu – querque, Christmas takes on many symbolic looks. Luminarias are lighted to guide the walkers. The Plaza and the church are beautifully lighted. There is music in the air. Beautiful, Mexican Christmas music. The air, normally crisp, will be very cold tonight… around 15 degrees. There may even be a second […]

goes on forever and the party never ends. Winter storms in New Mexico. Woke up to a couple of inches of snow on the ground and the high today is going to be a pretty cold 23 degrees. I had plans of working around here, but I think it’s time to head north and make […]

Today marks my fourth anniver – sary of moving away from Louisiana. I’m a bit conflicted about whether to look back or forward on this blog. I did the safe thing and took a look back to New Orleans by posting this Mardi Gras parade picture that is essentially a hand held time exposure of […]