A few weeks ago, I heard the breaking of glass at about two am. I looked out of the window and saw two very drunken young people sprawled on the ground. One had fallen over the other. The one who was on top was holding a beer bottle which broke in his hand as he fell. Even from two stories above, I could see the slash on the palm of his hand. He was so drunk that it appeared that he didn’t feel it. But, he saw it. He shook his hand to get rid of the dripping blood. He made a lot of blood splatters. Dexter would be proud. In the morning this is what I found. Each of those dried blood drops was at least the size of a quarter. I made it my picture a day.

that the recession is over. Hmmm. I told a friend of mine that this blog doesn’t contain content that is much of a political nature. I suppose it doesn’t, given that I can be very jaded towards politicians of any stripe. However this image seems to sum up my feelings about the last few months of 2009. The pump is broken. The sign is broken. The speaker is broken. The building is broken. Everything is broken.


This place sold “last gas.” Now, it’s gone.

What next?

This Airstream travel trailer is so shiny that it reflects the adobe house off of its stainless steel skin. I found this little trailer in a small New Mexican village called Galisteo, which is really home to an artist colony. It is about 28 miles south of Santa Fe and about 40 miles northeast of Albuquerque. I thought to myself that this was a really cool little village. Then I started looking around. No gas station. No grocery store of any type. Not even a Circle K. No cafe. They do have a small community center and fire station. I could just see living there… “honey, we need a quart of milk, I’ll be back in two hours. “

One of my more recently produced painterly motion-driven images. There is very little post production work done in this image. Most of what you see is either motion, or me playing to the usual quirks of a Nikon sensor. The rest? Well, I’m not even sure it’s F8 and be there. I ‘d just call this luck. You can decide for yourself if it’s good luck or bad luck.

Just a slightly different view. No. I still don’t know what they are. They bloom in the summer. They are purplish-translucent. I don’t believe that they are weeds. Their apparent fragility is what attracts me to them, However, I’ve never touched one to know if they are fragile. Touching them seemed like I was messing with nature too much.

Usually when I shoot a flower picture, I do it because the flower itself attracted me. I’m not a horticulturist. I’m not very deep into nature. In fact, I feel sort of the same as a friend of mine does about birds. Once, when we were traveling, he pointed out a bird and said, “that’s a Grackle.” I saw another bird and I asked what it was. His reply? “I only know one kind of bird.” It’s the same thing for me with flowers. Usually, if I submit flower pictures to any of the agencies who represent me, I have to spend a lot of time in books and online identifying just what it was that I photographed. That’s the long way of saying, I have no idea what this flower might be. I just saw it, liked it and photographed it from below with a Canon G9.

back in Hong Kong, the trams are still rolling. Built in the early 1900s, the trams have been one very stable mode of transportation on the island, stretching almost the entire length of the island on the harbor side. They are rather cramped inside, but they are double decked, giving the upstairs riders a nice view of the city. In this image, a tram takes a curve near the seat of Hong Kong government and the Legco building. Legco being the proper term for Legislative Council. The image was made a dusk which accounts for the very bluish shadows. I was photographing from a flyover that eventually leads to The Bank of China building.

Thailand is mostly a Buddhist country. There are a few Christians through – out the country and there are Muslims in the southern area as it reaches Malaysia. This golden Buddha face is found in the largest temple in Thailand, just north of Bangkok. On any day, there are thousands of people praying and making offerings. It is truly an amazing sight. Yes, this face is real gold. Knowing Asian uses of gold, I suspect it is 24 karat gold. The light globes in the background are reflections from string of lights that are hung in the temple.

from Thailand. Let’s go shopping on the river about 40 miles south of Bangkok near Bang Noi which is very close to the Gulf of Thailand. Here, as in other spots along many rivers; tradespeople, farmers and fisherman gather to sell their wares on sort of a floating Wal Mart. It’s just like Wal Mart, except the prices are better and the goods are superior. There are restaurants, coffee shops, dry goods, art, antiquity and all manner of unnameable shops under the tin roofs. Since the weather is hot and very humid near the rivers, it is best to go in the very early morning, finish your shopping and have lunch around 11am and then hit the road