Assuming the weather doesn’t get strange and that certain balloons make it back from China, the Inter – national Balloon Fiesta will start on Saturday with a very early Dawn Patrol. Balloons will lift off after a little ceremony and an invocation. Thousands of people will pour into the city. In fact, finding a hotel […]

The box. There is a reason that the Inter – national Balloon Fiesta is held in October. There is a wind pattern that occurs under stable conditions in the fall season when there are no strong weather systems in the valley. Air flows down the mountains and into the valley, moving south as the air […]

A reflection in a rain puddle seems to say all you need to know about last years Inter – national Balloon Fiesta. Of the ten event days, eight were suspended due to weather related issues. That doesn’t mean those days were all rained out. But, it does mean the strong windows came creating an unmanageable […]

The image is from Tres Piedras, which is about 30 miles west of Taos where state highways 64 and 285 meet. I think I photograph this same scene every couple of years. It never changes. But, the light does. The weather does. And, the seasons do. This image is old enough that it is a […]

Fall arrived last week. Soon the leaves will be changing colors from verdant green to yellow, gold and orange. The leaves will fall. Winter will soon arrive. Depending on where in New Mexico you live, winter can be a time of golden, warm light and pristine snow or it can just mean a lot of […]

Next up in Albuq – uerque is the Inter – national Balloon Fiesta. If you’ve never attended, you owe it to yourself to spend a week in and around the city to attend the Fiesta. The sight of so many balloons is amazing. It usually makes me smile. I like balloons. I don’t like clowns. […]

this stuff. Like yesterday’s post, this image was also made in Virginia City. In many ways, it speaks to the relentless of nature. Even though somebody thought that they could give the building a more modern look by plastering over the original brick exterior; the cold of winter and the heat of summer in addition […]

I found this faded sign on a bar room wall in Virginia City, Nevada. The building housed all kinds of businesses in its past. It was a general store, a hardware store, a cat house and now a tourist-oriented bar and casino. A bit about Virginia City. The Cartwrights used to go to Virginia City […]

This image is an example of something that I’ve been photo – graphing for a long time. It’s generally part of a broader shoot. Simply put, it’s leftovers from a past time. Sometimes it’s a sign such as this one – BEER — sometimes it’s a remnant of a building. Sometimes it’s a sign that […]