This is an American Indian god of fertility in both childbirth and agriculture. He is also a trickster god of music. He is normally shown more humpbacked then this rather thin folk version of him. His humpback is said to have been caused by carrying unborn children on his back and distributing them to their […]

I’ve been shooting semi – abstract images like this for a long, long time. For me, pictures like this have always been just a part of a shoot. But, I’ve managed to build a rather large collection of them that I’ve never really tried to market or publish or — really — do anything. I […]

Me. Yes, I already published this image once, but I thought it was worth publishing a second time since I was informed yesterday that I, and this picture, won the regional group award in the World Wide Photo Walk contest, which I wrote about in an earlier blog. A local gallery – Southwestern Photos — […]

The last time that I went to Las Vegas, I found Italy. Or, something like that. This image was made at night, in front of the Venetian Casino/Hotel. I used some of my little “tricks” to make the color a little richer and more vibrant. It looks like Venice. It almost feels like Venice. And […]