Uh oh

Now, I did it. I thought I was joining a small cooper – ative art gallery as a photo – grapher. I applied. I was interviewed. My pictures were reviewed and they offered me the position. Well, well, well… it’s more then representation. It’s 1/10 ownership of Albuquerque Photographer’s Gallery. It’s a business. It’s located in a small plaza (Poco y Poco) in Albuquerque’s Old Town. Lot’s of tourist traffic, some locals traffic and a lot of repeat business. The price per month for my share can’t be beat, so I accept the offer. There’s lots to be done in phases of the business that I have to learn. I’m not much of a matte cutter, frame maker of glass cutter. But, I’m a pretty good photographic printer and I can help out a lot on their printed marketing pieces since I have a lot of experience in that end of the business. They’ve also asked me to help shape their photographic vision since probably 85% of their work looks like the image that I posted on this blog. That’s fine as far as it goes, but if they are serious about making sales they can’t be competing with each other. I have some experience with that as well.

I guess, despite my claims of making Albuquerque a temporary home, used to determine my next post-Katrina move, I seem to be growing roots. More importantly, I never thought that I would own a business with a store front, counters, cash registers and all that stuff.

Here you go. http://www.abqphotographersgallery.com

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