Sometimes when I live a place that has been home or feel like home I get sort of blue. mostly because I never know if I am going to return. It happened as I was making these last few pictures. The weather was almost fall-like in New Orleans today. Bright, warm sun light. Dry air. I’ve been riding the ferry to Algiers for the past couple of days to make a good skyline frame. It’s a free trip and you can stay on board for as many round trips as you’d like. After a couple of evening trips and no lighted skylines I asked around. Apparently, after the storm a lot of high rise business did not return so there is a pretty dark skyline. From my standpoint, that meant my alternative was using a low sun in the image as dusk arrived. This image was among my last. I certainly hope that my feeling is wrong and that I’ll be back. But, who knows.

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