Pride. In the Name of Love. I spent part of today touring The Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. You remember the Lower Ninth Ward. It flooded so badly during Hurricane Katrina that literally nothing was left. A once vibrant neighborhood was left in sticks and broken bits of cement. In a small section of the L9, actor Brad Pitt’s Make it Right group is starting to take hold. I’ll write about that tomorrow. For now, it’s enough for me to ask a personal favor of you. Go see Pitt’s new movie “Inglorious Bastards,” and give him some support. You’ll see why tomorrow.

At any rate, most of the Lower Ninth is turning into what it was — river bottom land. River grasses and all manor of wild things are growing on most of the land. But, every now and them you’ll see something like this picture; a mowed and trimmed piece of property that seems to scream out, “this is my family’s land and we aren’t letting it go. ” Pride.

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