While I was working yesterday and thinking about the dual “Ks” — Kennedy and Katrina, I was listening to music. For those familiar with i-Tunes, you know what Genius is, and how it works. It selected an old Joe Cocker tune from the “Mad Dogs and Englishman” tour called Feeling Alright. That got me bouncing […]

Today is a day for reflection and remembrance. We say goodbye to the senator and we reflect on the four year anniversary of a storm making landfall early in the morning — storm called Katrina which changed everything in a city and a region. While the senator’s passing did not change my life directly, I’ve […]

This is an essential piece on New Mexico summer wear. In fact, this is a top down look at a Mexican folk musician. In the background are his musical notes. Yes, yes. I realize they are unreadable, but what can I say? I just like the detail in the hat. That said, it’s getting top […]

Now, I did it. I thought I was joining a small cooper – ative art gallery as a photo – grapher. I applied. I was interviewed. My pictures were reviewed and they offered me the position. Well, well, well… it’s more then representation. It’s 1/10 ownership of Albuquerque Photographer’s Gallery. It’s a business. It’s located […]

In days of old, when knights were bold… Camelot. It’s a sad day. It’s not just the passing of Ted Kennedy that saddens me. It’s the passing of a man who knew how to engage and negotiate for the benefit of the people of the United States. Today, it seems that too many politicians and […]

Well, I’m home again. The land of clear air, big skies and high altitudes. But, I miss the green, the waterways, the lakes, the old funky houses and; most importantly, the people. In New Orleans, I couldn’t buy a coffee without having a ten minute discussion about dis, dat and da udder. Here? Not so […]

Sometimes when I live a place that has been home or feel like home I get sort of blue. mostly because I never know if I am going to return. It happened as I was making these last few pictures. The weather was almost fall-like in New Orleans today. Bright, warm sun light. Dry air. […]

I don’t know if this is a good or bad weekend to be in New Orleans. On one hand, The French Quarter is hopping with returning college students who are finally getting out from under the thumb of their parents which creates good business on Bourbon Street. On the other hand, the Sunday paper is […]

So. I was walking down a street in the Big Easy and and I saw this guy wearing cook’s clothes sitting on a box of bottled water talking on his cell phone. I make few snaps and He asked what was doing so I told him. He asked me to wait a minute. He went […]