The next big event in Santa Fe is the Indian Market. No. It’s not what you are thinking. It’s about American Indian arts and crafts. Santa Fe fills up with about 40,000 extra people per weekend day, which is just about half of the city’s normal population. As you might expect, parking is very hard […]

I’ve been going to Garcia’s for years. I started going when I was just passing through Albuq – uerque on the way from somewhere to either Santa Fe or Taos. I’ve been eating there for probably 30 years. There were two when I began. There is one on Central Avenue, which is what this image […]

It seems like, for better or worse, I might have a little too much work. The good is obvious. It’s hard getting work these days. The bad isn’t so obvious since I don’t really talk about personal issues on this blog. I’ll keep it short. Back in November of last year, I had my right […]

This is an out take from the Worldwide Photo Walk, which I keep confusing with David Letter – man’s production company which he calls Worldwide Pants. Again, our shoot — or area of coverage — was based in Albuquerque’s Old Town. This man is an American Indian who sells his crafts on the plaza in […]

Agua Fresca is a Mexican semi-sweet drink made of fresh fruits, water and little sweetener from an Agave plant. You see it at state fairs and the like. The very best is home made since the recipe is a little more controlled. I had some amazing Lavender Agua Fresca at the Lavender Festival. It is […]

Once again, I return to the churches series. This is a little collection of crosses at St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe. They represent the Stations of the Cross that is celebrated on Good Friday prior to Easter Sunday. The interesting this about the cathedral is that, although there is a huge and massive main […]

This image was made inside the Church of St. Phillip Neri. It is my second entry in the World Wide Photo Walk event. It is enhanced slightly using Topaz software which seems to bring out color spectrum that the sensor sees but can’t reproduce without help. To the naked eye, the colorful areas just look […]

Sometime in the middle of the World Wide Walk that I talked about yesterday, this guy pulled up in a fully restored 1952 Pontiac. He parked it on the street in front of the plaza and across for the Church of St. Phillip Neri. I asked if I could photograph it and he was fine […]

I think I’ve written about the signifi – cance of Our Lady of Guadalupe to many of our New Mexican residents. Her very iconic statue is found almost everywhere in the state. This one was found in a small chapel in Albuquerque’s Old Town, which is a working plaza even though it is primarily a […]