This image was shot on a rainy day in Santa Fe New Mexico. It is actually a side view of the Hotel La Fonda which is in the center of town and about ten steps from the plaza. I’m not even sure that it a real adobe coating, but rather this more modern cement-like mixture […]

I just read in the newspaper that there is a big week long festival of the photo arts in Santa Fe that is being held at the end of July and the beginning of August. Most of it seems to be pretty fine art oriented, but it will be interesting to attend. Since most of […]

When it enters Albuq-uerque, Route 66 is called Central Avenue. Central Avenue is, in various locations, a travel oasis, run down, very fashionable, the center of the city and sometimes — historic. One class of historic buildings are the old motor courts. Some are torn down and left as empty lots. Some are boarded up. […]

This is the last of my New Mexico archi-tectural detail series that I’ll post on this blog for now. It’s a very simple composition driven by early morning sunlight back lighted from a classically shaped adobe wall. It’s on of those shapes that says New Mexico in the very simplest way. The image combines the […]

Despite all my technical talk, my real joy comes from poking around and “finding” pictures. My old boss, the late Craig Aurness, used to call this “photography by discovery.” I was in Corrales, New Mexico looking for architecture and churches when I stumbled upon this. It’s a typical New Mexican home courtyard. The colored panels […]

I think that is it is time to move from older work and projects to some of the newest and, as yet, not shown to anyone. One of my agencies asked me to do a series of pictures about New Mexican architectural details. I’ve worked on this for a few weeks and my rambling around […]

Although this picture is from a lifestyles shoot, it is also about using the wedding photo-grapher techniques that I’ve been working on. Essentially, the more trendy — careful here — wedding shooters add a a few steps to their post production by smoothing the image, spotting out any possible imperfections and then adding a kind […]

This picture is a little older. But, it’s time for a change, at least for a short while. It was made on Oahu, Hawaii…. the home state of our president, the place that the North Koreans think they might want to blow up, the place where you can buy a $7.00 gallon of milk. Oh […]

I’ve been trying to grow vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers since I arrived in New Mexico. Unfortunately, the soil in Albuquerque isn’t great for that sort of thing so you have to grow things in pots. For the first time, I’ve been pretty successful. This is one of the Bell Peppers. It will eventually ripen […]