Doing It Every Day

Shooting Picture A Day images are like shooting for any long form project. For a time, I shot a lot of Lonely Planet Publishing Division projects. Most of them were either for their “Condensed” series or for their large trade books. They’d give you a shoot list that number in about the hundreds of locations to be photographed. They’d suggest that it should take you ten days to do this. It didn’t matter what city you were working or whether you knew it well or not. In order to complete the assignment you need a lot of discipline and organization. It was like running a road race. You had to shoot a certain number of locations in a day. or you could never complete it. Unlike a road race, shooting PAD is more like shooting a marathon. The logistics and planning matter a little less. But, you need the discipline. You need to do it every day. You need to be flexible and somewhat opportunistic. You need a certain amount of aggressiveness. But, you need to temper that with what some people call flow. Some shooting days are better then others and you have to recognize that.

Sometimes you get really lucky. I was looking for a PAD image when I stumbled onto a quinceanera – a coming of age celebration for a young Mexican girl. The people were very friendly and they allowed me to work from the stage where the band was playing.


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