Street Food

This week’s big project is working through my travel files and editing images of street food. It seems to be a popular subject with agencies and clients so I thought that I would build a small collection of images that could be displayed on my website and distributed through my agencies. Fortunately, I’ve photographed street food, cooks and sellers wherever my travels have taken my… China, Hong Kong, Bangkok and domestic locations like San Francisco and even here in New Mexico, where the street food becomes state fair food and fresh local markets. This, of course, taps into the notion that in order to be more “green” we should eat organically and locally. We are lucky in New Mexico to have local outdoor markets from Spring through Fall. And, we have a nice group of vegetables and fruits that include; peaches, tomatoes, squashes, chilies (of course) and all sorts of spices and herbs. Like so many others, I have my own little garden. So, I can can walk out into my backyard and photograph the growing process.

Today’s photograph was made in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s classic Asian street food. Before you gag at thought of eating on the street, let me say that the food is fresh, clean and well prepared. It is also very affordable.

I’ll get back to Picture A Day images tomorrow.


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