A few weeks ago I read a funny post on SAA concerning how little photo-graphy we actually do as compared to the rest of what we do in order to tell people about our work and ourselves. In addition to actually taking a picture for this PAD project, I have to process it — that’s only every two weeks — talk about it here, maybe on Facebook and again on Twitter. I also try to keep my website (Laskowitzpictures.com) current which means the PAD portfolio is updated every few days. Then there is the prep work. What to shoot? What to shoot? What to shoot? When I figure that out, then I think about how to shoot it. In many cases, it’s like working for a newspaper again. I look for events in Albuquerque. Then I go work the event and hopefully a picture reveals itself. Some days, it might be something much smaller. It’s Springtime now, so a lot of my pictures are about newness, rebirth and — of course — all things green. Sometimes I get very lucky and the picture finds me. Sometimes it’s a real struggle. Mostly, the process is enjoyable and it keeps me thinking even on days when that’s all I’m photographing.


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