Shooting Picture A Day images are like shooting for any long form project. For a time, I shot a lot of Lonely Planet Publishing Division projects. Most of them were either for their “Condensed” series or for their large trade books. They’d give you a shoot list that number in about the hundreds of locations […]

This week’s big project is working through my travel files and editing images of street food. It seems to be a popular subject with agencies and clients so I thought that I would build a small collection of images that could be displayed on my website and distributed through my agencies. Fortunately, I’ve photographed street […]

I spent a good amount of time this morning updating my website with a new gallery called “Experiments Around The World.” It’s mostly about testing different processing techniques. Normally, my work is very colorful (some say too colorful), bright and energetic. This new gallery tests more muted and subdued color pallets as well as a […]

A few weeks ago I read a funny post on SAA concerning how little photo-graphy we actually do as compared to the rest of what we do in order to tell people about our work and ourselves. In addition to actually taking a picture for this PAD project, I have to process it — that’s […]

Since I can can be pretty obsessive, I will try to post a little something every day. I reckon that it I can shoot a picture a day, I can write a few words every day about the process of making a picture whether I want to or not. I’ve read a number of blogs […]

Although I have been shooting my so-called yearly project of a Picture A Day since January 1, 2008, I haven’t really been publishing the collection anywhere. Yes, I’ve been fortunate enough to arrange a few showings and license a few pictures through my agencies, but the first 365 pictures haven’t been shown anywhere. With this […]